APĂ DE PLOAIE a obţinut Turcia, vorba vine, la reuniunea Consiliului Nord-Atlantic…

… dovadă declaraţia secretarului general al NATO, o invitaţie calmă la detensionarea situaţiei, pe care o inserez mai jos. Orice ar susţine liderii turci, a fost vorba de pripeală, nu de respectarea unor standarde aeriene, pripeală am scris ca să nu folosesc cuvântul răzbunare, pentru că avionul militar rus vizase anterior lovirii sale tocmai zona rebelilor sirieni de origine turcă.

Statement by the NATO Secretary General after the extraordinary NAC meeting

The North Atlantic Council has just held an extraordinary meeting and we have been updated by the Turkish ambassador.
I have also spoken to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

Turkey informed Allies about the downing of a Russian Air Force plane violating Turkish airspace.

I have previously expressed my concern about the implications of the military actions of the Russian Federation close to NATO’s borders.

This highlights the importance of having and respecting arrangements to avoid such incidents in the future.

As we have repeatedly made clear, we stand in solidarity with Turkey and support the territorial integrity of our NATO Ally, Turkey.

We will continue to follow the developments on the South-Eastern borders of NATO very closely.

I look forward to further contacts between Ankara and Moscow and call for calm and de-escalation.

Diplomacy and de-escalation are important to resolve this situation.

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