Foreign Media Unit

Dear colleagues

Starting from October Foreign Media Unit team will deliver to the
journalists a short weekly highlights on the situation in Ukraine,
focusing on issues related to the conflict with Russia and forecasting
important events of the upcoming week.

This week’s highlights contain information on Ukraine’s painful
efforts to continue peace process and ceasefire on the east, despite
number of attacks from terrorists; Joint President and Government
presentation of highly needed reforms in economic area and
anti-corruption efforts; details of first since 2007 fair and open
election campaign, continued despite attempts of pro-Russian groups to
escalate situation in Kharkiv, Odessa and other cities, that failed to
fit in RF “Novorossiya” PR project this summer.

We do hope this short summary (see attachment) of internal and
international issues will help you in defining your own view on the
situation in and around Ukraine and will help you to consider plans or
trips for the next week.

Since we are part of information and analysis center at National
Security and Defense Council, official body of the established this
year by President Poroshenko, the highlights will contain official
information and official position over the issues.

Roman Vybranovskyi
Foreign Media Unit
Infromation and Analysis Center
National Security and Defense Council

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