Am primit de la ambasada Ucrainei în România

The Russian Federation blatantly ignores fair demands of the international community to cease systematic violations of human rights in the occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Russian occupiers conduct a large-scale policy of repressions and harassment against everyone who opposes the regime, in particular against ethnic Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars.

In the morning of November 2, the Russian Federal Security Service ransacked houses of the former employees of the Crimean Tatar ATR TV channel and its owner, seized documents, computers and telephones.

For reference: Since 1 April 2015 the world’s only Crimean Tatar TV channel ATR has gone off-air in Crimea after Russian occupation authorities refused to renew the channel’s license.

Despite intimidation and oppression, Crimean Tatars remain active opponents of the illegal Russian regime in Crimea.

Moreover, Russian authorities take every effort to destroy strongholds of everything Ukrainian in the Russian Federation. Recently the starkest examples are searches of the premises of the Library of Ukrainian Literature in Moscow, provocative visits to Ukraine’s Cultural Center in Moscow, refusal to register the “Ukrainian Congress of Russia”, an entry ban for co-chair of the regional public organization “Ukrainians of Moscow”.

In its statement the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine demanded from the Russian Federation to immediately stop such aggressive and unacceptable policies and fulfill its international obligations both in the field of human rights and of cultural and educational needs of minorities.

Ukraine calls on the international community to prevent extension of Russian aggression against Ukraine and make every endeavor to stop repressions in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

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