21 ianuarie 2016


The one day meeting will allow for the Chiefs of Defence to discuss and debate issues of contemporary strategic importance to the Alliance ahead of the forthcoming Defence Ministers’ meeting in February. During the session in RESOLUTE SUPPORT format, the Chiefs of Defence will be briefed on the security situation and the performance of the Afghan security forces. The CHODS will also discuss the future military contribution to the enhanced Enduring Partnership.

In the subsequent session with the Mediterranean Dialogue Partner Nations, the Chiefs of Defence will exchange views on the regional security situation which will set the scene for further deliberations on ongoing practical cooperation between NATO and the Mediterranean Dialogue partners.

The final sessions of the day will centre on NATO’s Future Strategy, Posture and Adaptation as well as the consensus-based military advice and guidance that will be given to the North Atlantic Council and Defence Ministers in the run up to the NATO Summit in Warsaw in July 2016.

General Petr Pavel will be supported in each session by General Philip Breedlove (Supreme Allied Commander Europe or SACEUR) and General Denis Mercier (Supreme Allied Commander Transformation or SACT).

The Military Committee meets twice a year at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, at the level of Chiefs of Defence to discuss NATO operations and missions and provide the North Atlantic Council with consensus-based military advice on how the Alliance can best meet global security challenges. It also meets once a year in an Allied country. On a day-to-day basis, the work of the Chiefs of Defence is carried out by permanent Military Representatives at NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

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