I trust that it will be understood that the Romanian association is not the personal property of the current president

Rândurile de mai jos au fost adresate emisarului Centrului de Studii Internaționale de Securitate “G.C.Marshall”, în seara acestei zile:

Good evening, Mr. Drew Beck,

Thanks to my remarkable colleague, Ion Gane, I was happy to know the fact that you will be present in Romania.

Unfortunately, the Marshall Alumni Association of Romanians has become a mere shadow of what was at the beginning of this century.

More specifically, we have what is called a crunch of the project, due to eternity as chairman of a compatriot who had an undeniable initial merit, but now has become a brake on maintaining the association at the level of being a regional leader.

I write these lines without looking for any personal benefit.

But at the G.C.Marshall Center there is enough intellectual power, creativity in interpersonal relationships and offensive diplomacy to clarify that a revival of an important association is necessary in Romania by changing the current leadership formula.

One solution is to attract seniors from previous years to a seniors’ council and most young graduates could form a junior council.

In this way, it would promote dialogue between graduates with a remarkable professional career and those who are at the beginning, and based on this complementarity, a leadership would be chosen to meet the exigencies of both categories of former students at GCM.

Thanks to a happy event in my family – the wedding of my great son – I will not be in Bucharest during your presence in Romania.

I hope, however, that my message, as a graduate who was vice president of G.C.M. Romania and one of the authors of the magazine of the same association will give you the alarm that things can not continue like this.

You need interlocutors capable of dialogue and action in Romania, Europeans who promote the spirit of the team and the values of states with a strengthened democracy.

To do this, through forms that you know to promote, please give a strong signal that the GCMarshall Center wants to put an end to the endless mandates of the current president and to bring the Romanian Graduates Association back to those who take care of the country image in the European space.

By letters to the Romanian Foreign Minister and the Romanian Defense Minister, the GCMarshall Center can stop the association from slipping under the shadow of a political party.

I trust that it will be understood that the Romanian association is not the personal property of the current president.


Colonel in reserve Ion Petrescu

Former Director of the Press Trust of the Ministry of National Defense

Currently: military analyst and moderator of some TV shows about NATO and the EU”