Algeria va cumpăra bombardiere Su-32 din Rusia

Impressed by the Su-34 Fullback’s performance over Syria, Algeria—which is dealing with its own Islamic insurgencies—has asked Moscow to supply it with the Su-32 export version of the new bomber. The North African nation already operates another advanced derivative of the versatile Flanker airframe called the Su-30MKA, but the Fullback bomber variant adds a dedicated strike capability.

“We have resumed talks on the sale of export Su-32 bombers to Algeria,” Sergey Smirnov, director general of the Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association told the Moscow-based newspaper Vedomosti. “We’ve had talks with this country over the last eight years, but they have not taken any steps on their part. But recently Rosoboronexport received an official application from Algeria to supply our aircraft.”


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